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Celebrating Love and Family – Ori and Olga (Four Seasons Wedding; Punta Mita, Mexico)

Location: Four Seasons, Punta Mita Mexico
Couple from: North Carolina

It was 2 years ago this week that Ori and Olga had their wedding at the amazing Four Seasons in Punta Mita which is about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta.

It was an interesting photo session because it was a bit of a hybrid wedding and family portrait session. Olga’s 2 children were adorable and seemed to have a really nice relationship with her new husband Ori.

The Four Seasons is really one of the most impressive resorts I’ve been to. What’s most striking is the sense of privacy and peacefulness there. Ori told me they were at full-occupancy, but it mostly felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. At the same time, the service was outstanding; there was always someone right there, yet unobtrusive, to help out with whatever we needed.

20080116 Four Seasons Punta Mita Wedding_001

20080116 Four Seasons Punta Mita_020

20080116 Four Seasons Punta Mita_021

20080116 Four Seasons Punta Mita_002

20080116 Four Seasons Punta Mita_003

20080116 Four Seasons Punta Mita_022

20080116 Four Seasons Punta Mita_023

20080116 Four Seasons Punta Mita_004

20080116 Four Seasons Punta Mita_024

20080116 Four Seasons Punta Mita_005

Jiminy Cricket

I was up a little earlier than usual, doing my routine check and watering of my plants, when I noticed this amazing creature on one of my favorite plants (see more info about the Mimosa plant).

You can see how in the first image, the light was just starting to reach the balcony so the image has a cooler color cast.  But by the time I took the second image, the sun/lighting was stronger giving things a warmer glow.
2006_9 Iguanas Reptiles Insects_001
2006_9 Iguanas Reptiles Insects_002I’m really in awe of this little creature.  He really has a pre-historic look, the way some reptiles do.  Or like some creature from a horror movie.  But he doesn’t seem to harm the plant (I found him there again a few days later).  I just don’t want to find him in my adjoining bedroom!

Kerri and Augie (Dreams Wedding Puerto Vallarta)

Location: Dreams Resort Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Couple from: Chicago

Kerri and Augie are childhood sweethearts from Chicago who’ve been together for many years. They got married at Puerto Vallarta’s Dreams Resort in May.

There were about 35 guests so it was a small and intimate gathering of friends and family, made even more special by having a large wedding party with 8 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen. The wedding party, both sets of parents, and Augie’s grandma rehearsed a grand entrance that included some fun choreographed dance moves. By the time the couple officially arrived for the first time as husband and wife, everyone was cheering really loudly; you could feel the excitement in the air.

The bride looked stunning in her lace dress and veil which went perfectly with her dark wavy hair. The fun and warmth of the families also made this wedding a memorable one.

20090520 _Dreams_Wedding_Photos_001One of the small touches of beauty at Dream Puerto Vallarta.


20090520_Dreams_Wedding_Photo_002 As Kerri was getting ready, we heard a knock on the door. There was nobody there but there was a bottle with a message inside. Kerri read the message and got all teary — something sweet from Augie.




20090520_Dreams_Wedding_Photo_021The most fantastic color of roses I’ve ever seen.


A perfect combination of a classic-style gown and veil yet barefoot on the beach.20090520_Dreams_Wedding_Photo_024

Kerri looks radiant as Augie looks at her with love and pride.

20090520_Dreams_Wedding_Photo_029Part of the choreographed entrance.



Augie’s mom was very emotional during the mother and son dance. Made me teary!


Everyone had a great time at the reception.