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Jiminy Cricket

I was up a little earlier than usual, doing my routine check and watering of my plants, when I noticed this amazing creature on one of my favorite plants (see more info about the Mimosa plant).

You can see how in the first image, the light was just starting to reach the balcony so the image has a cooler color cast.  But by the time I took the second image, the sun/lighting was stronger giving things a warmer glow.
2006_9 Iguanas Reptiles Insects_001
2006_9 Iguanas Reptiles Insects_002I’m really in awe of this little creature.  He really has a pre-historic look, the way some reptiles do.  Or like some creature from a horror movie.  But he doesn’t seem to harm the plant (I found him there again a few days later).  I just don’t want to find him in my adjoining bedroom!

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