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Sugar Mama

Temp Transfer_020Lent is officially over. I’ve always thought of Lent as a great time to look at what I was overindulging in and try to abstain from whatever it was for 40 days. This year once again it was sugar.

I won’t say I was perfect, but for me it wasn’t about total perfection. It was more about looking at what, why, when, and how often I was eating sweet things.

During Lent, there were 3 birthday parties I attended and I’ll admit that I took one bite of each cake. Frankly, only one of the cakes was amazing and worthy of eating a whole slice.

I discovered that nearly all of the fruit juices available here in Puerto Vallarta (even the ones that proclaim “100% nectar”) have sugar added. I found exceptions with Jumex pineapple juice and another type of grape juice. And I happily drank the fresh “water” from a tender young coconut, bought from a nice couple who sell them 3 blocks from my house.

I confirmed what I already knew: when I’m tired and/or hot and/or feeling aggravated, I crave sugar more than ever. I was really dehydrated one day, driving home from substitute teaching. It was unusually hot and humid and I felt like I was going to pass out. And then I remembered I had a can of root beer soda sitting in the fridge (I probably drink one root beer in a whole year) and I broke down and drank it when I got home. Worth ever sip!

It was a hard fight with my boyfriend who’s a food pusher in general, and who consistently tried to tempt me with cookies, cakes, candy, and churros.

Ahh, churros! It turns out they’re the one thing I missed the most. In case you haven’t had the pleasure, they’re little sticks of deep fried dough about the size of a finger, coated in sugar and cinnamon. If you ever liked cinnamon toast as a kid, you’ll love churros. The best churros in Puerto Vallarta that I’ve found so far are made and sold in Old Town on the corner of Calles Aguacate and Cardenas next to the Santa Cruz church. (Hmm, sounds like a good topic for a future blog post!)

I will now allow myself a few indulgences (churros of course, Tres leches cake, a Snicker’s bar, a ginger cookie from the Deli, real maple syrup on my pancakes, oven roasted sweet potato and plantains covered with lechera [sweetened condensed milk] to name a few), but I’m planning to keep my sugar intake way down and think of it as an indulgence and not something I’m looking all the time.

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